Consume dataflows – Part 3

In previous part, We created and configure dataflows. If you miss the previous part then here is the link In this article, We will see how to consume dataflows. A dataflow can be consumed in the following three ways: Create a linked entity from the dataflow to allow another dataflow author to use the dataCreate... Continue Reading →

Grid capabilities in Dynamics 365 F&O

Microsoft recently announced in new feature of Grid Capabilities in Platform updates for version 10.0.16 of Finance and Operations apps (February 2021) This feature will help users will be able to expand or collapse groups as desired, which can help create a summarized view of data. Subtotals will also be shown at the group header... Continue Reading →

Integrate Dynamics 365 HR Leave request with Outlook

In this article, We will see how to integrate Dynamics 365 HR Leave request with Outlook. Before we start, We need below things Dynamics 365 HR environmentAccess to Microsoft Dataverse environmentAccess to Microsoft Power Automate | Microsoft Power Platform Step 1 : Create a Leave request in Dynamics 365 HR In the Employee self service workspace, select Request... Continue Reading →

Bulk data upload in Dynamics 365 HR

There are many cases where organization needs to insert and update bulk data to test the HR process. Microsoft demo data is limited to measure the performance/integration. We can use this technique for Data Migration from External system to Dynamics 365 HR. Use case  - You have a customer and they have around 20K users... Continue Reading →

Dynamics 365 HR/ F&O integration with other system

Many customer and partners wants to integrate their system with Dynamics 365. Currently, there are many different integration technologies available, deciding on which integration approach to use can sometimes be overwhelming. Below diagram has been taken from one of Microsoft webinar and best way to represent the integration. You can decide on integration technology. In... Continue Reading →

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