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Import Bulk Employee Images in Dynamics 365 HR and F&O

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Importing images in Dynamics 365 Human Resources does not have to be difficult. That is why one of our experts has set up this overview of the process to guide you through the process of bulk importing employee images into the Core HR solution.

Importing images can be done through the Data Management (Import and Export) framework. We have standard data entities for personal images called HcmPersonImageEntity. The steps that follow below show you exactly how to easily import the images into Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

Step 1:

Go to Data Management > Export >> Create new export job. Add the Person image entity.

Bulk export image 1

Step 2:

Click Export to export the employee images.

Bulk export image 2

Step 3:

Download the package and extract the zip folder.

Bulk image export 3

Step 4:

Right click on Person image excel. Then click on unblock and apply for the changes to take effect.

Bulk export image 4

Step 5:

Open the Resources > person images. Delete all the unnecessary images and add only the images that you have to import. Make sure that you add the image type to the file (.png, .jpeg, .jpg). Sort the image based on the person’s name, personnel number, or party id. depending on your preferred method.

Bulk image export 5

Step 6:

Open the person image excel sheet and add the images to the list matched to the correct number assigned to the staff member.

Bulk image export 6

Step 7:

Go to folder > Select All and send to the compressed (zipped) folder.

Bulk export image 7

Step 8:

Go to Data Management > Import >> Create new and import the Zip-file as a package.

Bulk export image 8
Bulk export image 9

Step 9:

Click on import.

Bulk export image 10

Step 10:

Two records will now be updated successfully.

Step 11:

Verify the data in the individual employees’ forms.

Bulk export image 12
Bulk image export 11
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