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Streamlining Employee Image Approval with Workflows in Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Streamlining Employee Image Approval
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In today’s digital age, the human resources department plays a crucial role in managing employee data efficiently. With the advent of Dynamics 365 Human Resources, organizations can leverage advanced tools and workflows to streamline various HR processes, including the approval of employee image uploads. This article explores how workflows can be used to facilitate the seamless approval of employee images within Dynamics 365 Human Resources, enhancing efficiency and ensuring compliance with organizational standards.

Why Image Approval Matters:

Employee images are integral components of HR databases, aiding in identification, security, and personalization of internal systems. However, ensuring the accuracy and appropriateness of these images is paramount. By implementing a streamlined approval process, organizations can maintain control over the images associated with employee profiles, mitigating risks associated with unauthorized or inappropriate content.

Utilizing Workflows for Image Approval:

Dynamics 365 Human Resources offers a robust workflow engine that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of an organization’s image approval process. Here’s how it works:

1. Go to Human Resources > Setup > Human Resource workflows.

2. In the list of available workflows, select Worker image.3.Select Run to open the Workflow designer, and then enter your username and password.

4. Move the Approve image element from the list of workflow elements to the designer canvas.

5. Connect the approval element to Start and Finish.

6. Double-tap (or double-click) Approve element, select and hold (or right-click), and then select Properties.

7. Follow these steps to add work item instructions:

  • Select Assignment, and then select Hierarchy under the assignment type.
  • Under the Hierarchy selection, select Configurable hierarchy.
  • Add a stop condition and close the page.

8. Complete any additional instructions.

9. Select Save and close. Activate the new workflow when the dialog box opens and select Make active.

Request for image approval

1. Go to Employee self-service > Click on Edit personal details.2. Go to Image tab and click on Upload new image.

3. Upon image upload, click on submit.4. A workflow is triggered automatically within the Dynamics 365 Human Resources environment. This workflow initiates the approval process and routes the image to designated approvers for review.

5. Approval Routing: The workflow engine identifies the appropriate approvers based on association of position hierarchy selected workflow. Approvers receive notifications prompting them to review and approve or reject the submitted image.

6. Once the workflow is approved and completed. You can see image in Employee self-service.

Benefits of Workflow-driven Image Approval:

Implementing workflows for image approval in Dynamics 365 Human Resources offers several benefits:

  • Standardization: Enforces consistent approval processes and adherence to organizational standards for employee images.
  • Efficiency: Automates the approval process, reducing manual intervention and streamlining administrative tasks.
  • Accountability: Provides audit trails and documentation of approval decisions, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Compliance: Helps organizations comply with regulatory requirements and data privacy regulations by controlling access to employee images.


Incorporating workflows for image approval in Dynamics 365 Human Resources is a strategic investment for organizations seeking to optimize HR operations and enhance data governance. By leveraging the platform’s workflow capabilities, businesses can establish efficient and compliant processes for managing employee images, ultimately contributing to a more secure, organized, and productive work environment.

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