Create/Update Sales order and Purchase order using X++

In this article, We will see how to create/update sales order and purchase order through x++. The code snippet for purchase order creation public class PuchaseOrderDemo { private void new() { } public static PuchaseOrderDemo construct() { return new PuchaseOrderDemo(); } public void createPurchOrder() { PurchTable purchTable; PurchLine purchLine; VendTable vendTable = VendTable::find("1000"); AxPurchTable axPurchTable;... Continue Reading →

Create a customer/vendor using x++

In this article, We will see how to create a customer and vendor record using X/ Below is the code snippet for creating a customer record in X++. public class CustomerCreateDemo { private void new() { } public static CustomerCreateDemo construct() { return new CustomerCreateDemo(); } public void createCustomer() { CustTable custTable; NumberSeq numberSeq; Name... Continue Reading →

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