How to hide SSRS Report Batch and printer settings

Create a controller class create main method and below code. TestController controller = new TestController(); controller.parmReportName(#ReportName); controller.parmArgs(_args); controller.showBatchTab(false); // Hide batch tab controller.parmLoadFromSysLastValue(false);  //clear last selected value by user controller.showPrintSettings(); // hide current print destination setting controller.startOperation(); To hide current print destination setting override below method public boolean showPrintSettings() { return false; }

Multi select lookup in SSRS Report

In this post, We will see how to create multi select parameter on SSRS report dialog. Step 1: Assumption : We have already regular table created or You can create new table based on your requirement. I will take an example of CustTable and CustTrans. Step 2 : Create a temporary table DemoMultiLookupTmp Add a... Continue Reading →

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