Your one-stop resources for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operation developers

Developers in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (F&O) often ask how to learn X++ from the basics to advanced levels. In this article, I will share some resources, certifications, blogs and YouTube link which can be useful for the developers. Learning catalog for Dynamics 365 Finance developers from Microsoft Learning catalog for Dynamics 365... Continue Reading →

How to create a worker in x++

In today's article, we will see how to create a worker using X++. Step 1: Create a class and define the global variable. class TestHireNewWorker ValidFromDateTime DefaultValidFromDateTime = HcmDateTimeUtil::startOfCurrentDay(); FirstName firstName = 'Julia'; LastName lastName = 'Reeves'; HcmTitleId hcmTitleId = 'Mrs'; HcmPositionRecId positionRecId; HcmWorkerRecId workerRecId; CompanyInfoRecId legalEntityRecId = CompanyInfo::current(); DirPersonName personName; utcdatetime startDate = HcmDateTimeUtil::startOfCurrentDay();... Continue Reading →

How to create lookup with Virtual entity to native entity

Building an app requires capabilities to perform relational modeling between entities that are being used in the app. In the context of virtual entities, there will be scenarios where virtual entities and native entities in Dataverse must work together to enable the desired user experience. In this article, we will see the concept of relational... Continue Reading →

Create a customer in Dynamics 365 F&O using Power Platform

In today's article, we will see how to create a customer in Dynamics 365 F&O using Power Platform. Pre-requisites: You must need an environment for Dynamics 365 Finance and operations with Power Platform enabled. You must need virtual entity/table configured. Dual-write can be optional App registration for Dynamics 365 F&O Access To Power Platform(Service Writer/System... Continue Reading →

How to use D365 F&O number sequence in Power Platform

Using continuous number sequences from Dynamics 365 Finance and operations in Power Platform can be cumbersome sometimes but in today's article we will see how to use it. What is number sequence Number sequences are used to generate readable, unique identifiers for master data records and transaction records that require identifiers. A master data record... Continue Reading →

View options: Streamlined employee entry

With this new feature, it allows for efficient entry of employee and employment data. You can quickly update work history information for past, active, and future employees and contractors along with more intuitive navigation options. How to enable this feature Go to System Admin > Feature management Click on enable now Before you enable this... Continue Reading →

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