Entities in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

In this article, we will see what entity is, different types of entities and how to identify entities in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform What is an entity An entity is an abstraction from the physical implementation of database tables. It is a combination of multiple tables where you can combine data from multiple sources or single... Continue Reading →

View options: Streamlined employee entry

With this new feature, it allows for efficient entry of employee and employment data. You can quickly update work history information for past, active, and future employees and contractors along with more intuitive navigation options. How to enable this feature Go to System Admin > Feature management Click on enable now Before you enable this... Continue Reading →

Streamlined employee, ESS and person hub view

Recently, Microsoft released new feature called "Worker header control". With this feature, it replaces the existing worker header in the Streamlined worker form, Person hub form and Employee self-service. The header contains key information about the worker, and also single-click actions such as emailing, calling, or messaging. The header can be modified by removing fields... Continue Reading →

Top 10 reasons to choose Microsoft Power BI

According to Microsoft, Power BI empowers your teams with industry-leading business intelligence (BI) and augmented analytics so that you can simplify decision-making in a world of increased complexity and growing data volume. There are many different BI tools available but Power BI is one of the best tools. It provides more than 100 different connectors... Continue Reading →

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