Chain of Command is the term that describes how we customize, or extend, base Microsoft code in Microsoft Dynamics 365. You can now wrap logic around methods that are defined in the base class that you're augmenting. You can extend the logic of public and protected methods without having to use event handlers. Microsoft’s base... Continue Reading →

Dynamics 365 HR – Functional series

Recently, Microsoft announced TechTalk series for Dynamics 365 HR. This is free training session for Dynamics 365 HR. This is a seven-part series of functional tech talks covering the in depth capabilities of Dynamics 365 Human Resources. We will be discussing in detail what is available out of box as well as demonstrating the application:... Continue Reading →

Export data from Dynamics 365 HR via Rest API

In this article, We will see how to export data from Dynamics 365 HR via Rest API. Dynamics 365 HR/ F&O  supports two APIs. The Data management framework's package API.The recurring integrations API. Both APIs support both data import scenarios and data export scenarios. The following table describes the main decision points that you should... Continue Reading →

Integrate Dynamics 365 HR with Azure AD

In this article, we will see how to integrate Dynamics 365 HR with Azure AD. Currently, there is no functionality available within Dynamics 365 HR. It is very useful for partner/customer to develop by using Power Automate, Azure AD connector. Below points are covered in this article. How to create a user in AD when... Continue Reading →

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