Restrict access to worker information

In today’s article, we will see how to restrict an employee to view information only for those legal entities that they have access. Currently, an employee can see data from all legal entities but there are some cases when this should not be happened due to GDPR compliance. User should not see information from other legal entities.

How to enable this feature

To enable this feature, first login to Dynamics 365 Finance and operations.

Go to Human resources > Setup > Human resources shared parameters

Click Yes to Restrict access to worker information

After this option is selected, follow below steps to set the permission based on each user.

  1. On the Users page, select a user.

2. Select a role for the user. and click Assign organizations.

3. On the new page, select Grant access to specific organizations individually, and then select the organizations that the user should have access to.

Repeat above steps for every additional role that the user has, including the system user role.

Test the functionality

When you login with new user then you will be able to see only those legal entities which is assign for your role.

In this case, I can only see USMF under dropdown.

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