Provision Dynamics 365 Human Resources

In today’s article, we will see how you can set up a trial version of the Dynamics 365 HR and Power Platform environment. Trial environments contain fictitious data that can be used to explore the program in a safe manner. Although a trial environment is owned by the user who requested it, other users can be invited through the system administration experience for Human Resource.

Trial environments provide the ability to evaluate human resources functionality for individuals who do not already have access to a Human Resources environment. If you are provisioning a trial environment and the authenticated user already has access to one or more existing Human Resources environments, the user will be redirected to the existing environment or list of environments.

Trial environments aren’t intended to be used as production environments. They are limited to a 60-day trial period. When the trial period expires, the environment and all the data that’s in it is deleted and can’t be recovered. The environment cannot be converted to a sandbox or production environment. You can sign up for a new trial environment after the existing environment expires.

When creating a Human Resources trial environment, a Power Apps trial environment is also created on the tenant and linked to the Human Resources environment. The Power Apps environment, named “TestDrive”, has the same trial period as the Human Resources environment.

The first step is to navigate

and sign in with your work account.

Click on the Human Resource tab and click on Request a demo >

In the next page, click on sign up for a free trial

This will open to a new browser tab which will ask for signup.

Enter your work or school email address

In the next page, select your country or region

Click on Get Started

Please wait for some time and you will see Dynamics 365 HR and Power Platform environment is created for you.

Once you open the environment, then you can see a new Dynamics 365 HR environment is created with 60 days trial period.

Navigate to and select the environment TestDrive


In some cases, users get an issue when they are requesting a trial environment.

For example, The server took too long to respond. Please contact your system administrator.

You have to log out from the browser, reopen the browser with your credentials, and It will work.

Microsoft updates to D365HR Trials

This is the latest update from Microsoft about trial environment for Dynamics 365 HR.

As part of the ongoing efforts around infrastructure merge, starting today, January 10th 2022, the trial period for Dynamics 365 Human Resources will be reduced from 60 days to 30 days. Please note, this is referring to the stand-alone HR application NEW trial environments only and will not impact any existing trial environments. Thank you!


In this way, you can create a trial environment to evaluate human resources functionality for individuals who do not already have access to a Human Resources environment.

If you like this article, feel free to share it with others who might find it helpful! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

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