How to send notifications/emails from Dynamics 365 HR by using Power automate

In this article, we will see how to send notifications/emails in Power automate. In my earlier article, I have shown how to create alerts in Dynamics 365 HR and F&O. If you miss that article then here is the link.

How to use Alerts in Dynamics 365 F&O/HR – TechDynamics (

When to use power automate notifications/emails functionality

Dynamics 365 provides the basic functionality of alerts. For example, if you want to send alerts to a user when the record is created with some condition then it is not possible. Also, when a particular field is modified in Dynamics HR then you cannot send an alert. In this case, you can use power to automate to achieve this.


  • To create a flow that triggers when you create, modify, or delete a row, you must have user-level permissions for create, read, write, and delete on the Callback Registration table.
  • Additionally, depending on the scopes defined in the flow, you might need at least that level of read on the same table. You can get more information about Environment security.

How to send notifications/emails to users

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