Create/Update Sales order and Purchase order using X++

In this article, We will see how to create/update sales order and purchase order through x++. The code snippet for purchase order creation public class PuchaseOrderDemo { private void new() { } public static PuchaseOrderDemo construct() { return new PuchaseOrderDemo(); } public void createPurchOrder() { PurchTable purchTable; PurchLine purchLine; VendTable vendTable = VendTable::find("1000"); AxPurchTable axPurchTable;... Continue Reading →

Create a customer/vendor using x++

In this article, We will see how to create a customer and vendor record using X/ Below is the code snippet for creating a customer record in X++. public class CustomerCreateDemo { private void new() { } public static CustomerCreateDemo construct() { return new CustomerCreateDemo(); } public void createCustomer() { CustTable custTable; NumberSeq numberSeq; Name... Continue Reading →

HTTP Get from Web app to Power platform

In this article, We will see how to get data from Web apps using Power platform. Before we begin, We need to understand the different methods available in HTTP. MethodPurposeGETReadGET(X)Read single recordPOSTInsertPUTUpdate(Full record)PATCHUpdate(Partial record)DELETEDelete I have created a Test Web app with Skill types form. This form has SkillType has unique ID and Description. Read... Continue Reading →

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