Department hierarchy in Dynamics 365 F&O and HR

It is very difficult for users to export the department hierarchy to excel and there is no option.

In this topic, We can see how to view Department hierarchy In Power BI by using the odata entities.

The department hierarchy in Dynamics 365 F&O and HR depends on below data

  1. Organization hierarchy V2 – published
  2. Organization hierarchy purposes
  3. Organization hierarchy type
  4. Operating Unit

Step 1: Before creating a Power BI report, We need a Power BI desktop installed in our system

Reference link to download :

Step 2 : Login with your account

Step 3 : Home > Get Data > Select Odata feed

Provide the URL for your environment.

For example

It will show all the odata entities and select the entities mentioned above.

Step 4 : We have to use merge queries function between OrganizationHierarchyPublishedV2 and OperatingUnit entity based on Party Number

Step 5: You can download the Organization chart by MAQ software from Get visuals

Once you have visual available then based on queries merge in Step 4, We can assign values in visuals.

Here is my query and Visuals settings

Here is the output

If you select any node then It will display corresponding values at bottom.

Step 5 : Organization hierarchies

Use organizationHierarchyPurpose entity to see the data.

Step 6 : Use OperatingUnit entity to see the overview of operating unit and hierarchy.

Thank you for reading my post and If you have any questions then please let me know.

Next time, I will come up with Position hierarchy.

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