Create a new Feature in Dynamics 365 F&O

Feature management is a Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations built in dashboard to help system administrators and IT professionals manage, schedule, and view all features available to them given the configurations keys that are enabled in the system. Microsoft has a regular release cadence for Dynamics 365, with software updates released almost every month. With... Continue Reading →

Personalization in Dynamics 365 F&O and HR

This topic explains how you can personalize the application in Dynamics 365 F&O and HR. The personalization options are made on page level and are available for all users. We can restrict the personalization based on security roles. The users who have full personalization access can share with other users. Share Personalization with the users... Continue Reading →

How do you integrate data into CDS using Data Integrator?

The Data Integrator is a point-to-point integration service used to integrate data into the Common Data Service. It supports integrating data from multiple sources — for example, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Dynamics 365 HR & Sales (CRM) into Common Data Service. This service has been generally available since July 2017. It supports Power query... Continue Reading →

Database logging in Dynamics 365 HR and Finance & Operations

Database logging in Dynamics 365 Human Resources and Finance & Operations is a history of actions executed by the system, based on CRUD (Create Update Delete). Database logging is needed to track the specific types of changes to the system. The operations that can be tracked with database logging are: insert, update, delete and rename... Continue Reading →

How to create and expose a custom field in D365 HR

While there is an extensive set of fields out-of-the-box for managing a broad range of business processes, sometimes there is a need for a company to track additional information in the system. To accommodate this need, you can create custom fields to tailor the application to fit your business, provided you have permissions to the... Continue Reading →

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