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PowerApps portal with Dynamics 365 F&O – Part 2

PowerApps portal with Dynamics 365 F&O
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In today’s article, we will see how to create a PowerApps portal and how to use Dynamics 365 F&O data with PowerApps portal. If you don’t see my previous article on PowerApps portal with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, then you can find here.

Before we start, let’s see what options are available to connect PowerApps portal with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

I am using Dual write to sync data from Dynamics 365 Finance and operations with Dataverse.

Create PowerApps portal

There are two options to create a PowerApps portal.

  • Portal from blank
  • Portal with existing template

Portal from blank

This will give an ability to create a portal from scratch and design the portal in your own way.

Portal with existing template

There is pre-defined template available in the portal.

Let’s create a PowerApps portal from blank.

Go to and select your environment.

Click on Apps + New app > Website.

Enter a name for the portal and address for the website, and select a language from the drop-down list.

After you select Create, the portal will begin provisioning and the provisioning status is displayed through notifications.

After the portal is provisioned successfully, you can see the portal in the grid.

Once the portal is created, it should look like below.

To edit the portal, click on three dots and click on Edit.

You can edit portal in either Power Pages or Power Apps.


Let’s take an example of all workers in Dynamics 365 F&O. We will display all workers in PowerApps Portal.

Step 1: Create a new page in PowerApps portal

Edit the portal and click on + Page and Add a page.

Enter the page name and select Page as a Standard layouts.

Once the page is created, you can see the page in the editor as below.

Step 2: Add a list or form in the page.

You can add a list or form by clicking +

Select list.

Select the table from the dropdown, views and enter the name of the list

Once you enter all the information, it should look like below.

Go to data tab. Here, you can make your list as editable for the users. We will leave as it is now.

Go to Setting tab. Here you set number of records per page.

Click on OK to create a list.

Now the list is created and click on Sync to view the list in the portal.

Now, you noticed your list is not showing any data and giving an issue for the permissions. In the next step, we will add security permissions to the list.

Step 3: Add permission to your list

Go back to editor and open your list. You can see + New permission button

Click on + New permission

Name: Enter the name of the permission

Table: By default, it is selected as Worker for your current list

Access type: You can set different types of access type. For now, we set a global access type so all users can access this list.

Permission to: Make it read only

Roles: You can create new role or add existing one.

Click on Save to enable the permissions for this page and sync your latest changes with portal.

Browse the page and you will see all active workers in the page.


Now, you learned how to create basic page in PowerApps portal. In this way, you can create multiple pages with forms/list and add security permissions to your portal. In the next article, we will see how to use Portal Admin center.

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