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Personalization in Dynamics 365 F&O and HR

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This topic explains how you can personalize the application in Dynamics 365 F&O and HR.

The personalization options are made on page level and are available for all users.

We can restrict the personalization based on security roles. The users who have full personalization access can share with other users.

Share Personalization with the users :

Go to Personnel Management > Link > Employees

Go to Options > Personalize this page > Change the Label of Email Address to Primary Email Address.

You will notice the label is already changed and * has been showing near view.

Save the View with new name and make it Default.

Now go to System Administration > Setup > Personalization

You can see your new personal view

Share this view with the users. Click on Copy to users

Once this view is shared to user then It will show info and record in Personal view form

Now to Login with Jason user and verify whether new label is showing in the form.

Go to Employee and check label.

Delete Personalization from the users :

Deleting personalization can be possible via two ways

  1. Go to User > User Options > Personalization

You can delete all personalization or selected personalization

  • If you have more rights or system admin access then go to System Administration > Setup > Personalization

Delete the personalization for selected users

Export & Import Personalization for the users :

The above process can be possible through Export and Import personalization

  1. Export the personalization via two options
    1. Go to System Admin > Setup Personalization > Personal Views > Export
    2. Go to the Form > Options > Personalize this page > Click on … > Export
  • Import personalization for users

Go to System Admin > Setup Personalization > Personal Views > Import Views

Select the file

Click on Next and Select the users

Click on Import. Once this is done then It will show Infolog

In this way we can use personalization in Dynamics 365 F&O and Dynamics 365 HR.

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