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Multi select lookup in SSRS Report

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In this post, We will see how to create multi select parameter on SSRS report dialog.

Step 1: Assumption : We have already regular table created or You can create new table based on your requirement. I will take an example of CustTable and CustTrans.

Step 2 : Create a temporary table DemoMultiLookupTmp

Add a new field as below

Field Name: AccountNum

Type: String

EDT: CustAccount

Step 3 : Create a new Query DemoMultiLookupQuery

Add data source CustTable and put required fields including AccountNum

Step 4 : Create a contract class DemoMultiLookupContract

[ DataContractAttribute, SysOperationContractProcessingAttribute(classStr(DemoMultiLookupUIBuilder)) ]
public class DemoMultiLookupContract
List accountNum;
AifCollectionTypeAttribute('AccountNum', Types::String),
SysOperationLabelAttribute(literalstr("Account Num"))
public List parmAccountNum(List _accountNum = accountNum)
accountNum = _accountNum;
return accountNum;

Step 5 : Create a UI Builder class DemoMultiLookupUIBuilder

class DemoMultiLookupUIBuilder extends SysOperationAutomaticUIBuilder
 DialogField accNum;
public void lookup(FormStringControl _control)
 Query query = newQuery(queryStr(DemoMultiLookupQuery));
 container cnt;
 SysLookupMultiSelectGrid::lookup(query, _control, _control, cnt);
public void postBuild()
 DialogField dialogEntity;
 dialogEntity= this.bindInfo().getDialogField(this.dataContractObject(),
methodStr(DemoMultiLookupUIBuilder, parmAccountNum));
 dialogEntity.registerOverrideMethod(methodStr(FormStringControl, lookup),
methodStr(DemoMultiLookupUIBuilder,lookup), this);
 if (dialogEntity)

Step 6 : Create a UI Builder class RDP class DemoMultiLookupDP

public class DemoMultiLookupDP extends SRSReportDataProviderBase
 DemoMultiLookupTmp tmp;
 CustTable custTable;
 List accountNum;
publicTest_MultiParmTable getMultiTmp()
 select * from tmp;
 return tmp;
public void processReport()
 DemoMultiLookupContract contract = this.parmDataContract() as DemoMultiLookupContract;
 accountNum = contract.parmAccountNum();
 tmp.AccountNum = custTable.AccountNum ;
 tmp.CustName =;

Step 6 : Create a new SSRS report

1. Open Visual Studio and create new reporting project and name Test_ DemoMultiLookupProject

2. Create new Report and rename to DemoMultiLookupReport

3. Create new dataset and map to RDP

4. Create new design and drag n drop dataset to design

Step 7 : Create a new Menu item

1. Create new menu item of object type : SSRS

2. Change property of Object and Report design to Report name & design name respectively

Step 7 : Test report

Open Menu item to test the report and select the multiple records.

So, In this way we can select multiple values in the lookup.

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