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Leave & Absence Human Resources App

Leave & absence Human Resources app
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In the fast-evolving landscape of business and technology, organizations are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline their operations and enhance employee experiences. The Human Resources app seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365 Human Resources in an F&O environment. Developed for organizational use, it ensures a smooth process for employees to request, modify, and cancel time off and leave of absence. Within this unified application, employees gain access to features such as viewing leave balances, upcoming leaves, and leave history. Managers, too, can efficiently handle requests by reviewing and approving or rejecting them through an intuitive interface.

This versatile app is designed to be utilized within Microsoft Teams or on the web, offering a holistic view of employee leave requests, balances, draft requests, and historical leave data. Notably, it is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices.

Features of this app
  • Request, edit and cancel leave requests.
  • Save as draft leave requests.
  • View leave balances, Upcoming leaves and History leave requests.
  • Managers can also view, approve, or reject leave requests raised by their direct reports using the same app.

System requirements

  • Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations of version 10.0.36 with latest quality updates.
  • The individual installing the app for the organization must hold system administrator roles in both F&O and Power Apps.


Step 1: Login to Power Platform Admin Portal, select your environments, settings, features.

Enable ‘Power Apps component framework for canvas apps’.


Step 2: Go to Microsoft AppSource and search for Human Resources (Preview),

click on Get it Now, select your environment to install, and click on Install.

Step 3: Once the installation is complete, go to, select your environment and go to solutions and find Human Resources App Flows.  Make sure all cloud flows related to Human Resources are turned ON.

Step 4: Share Human Resources apps with the users.

Go to Apps, select Human Resources, select on Share and click on Share.

You must assign below roles to users in Power Platform and FinOps

  1. App users are required to possess the following roles within Microsoft Power Platform:
  • Basic user
  • Finance and operations basic user
  • Human Resources Teams app user
  1. End users need to be designated with an employee role in the Dynamics 365 Human Resources environment.

Step 5: Share Human Resources apps with the users on Teams.

  1. On the Power Apps Studio, Click on Apps and look for Human Resources app.
  2. Click on three dots and expand the ‘Share’ option and select ‘Add to teams’.
  3. This will open teams, which means the admin has added the app to teams for the users of the organization.
  4. Then go to Power Platform Admin Centre and assign the following roles to the users who need to access the app – Basic user, Finance and Operations Basic User and Human Resource Teams App User
  5. User can wait for some time or sign out and sign in once for the app to appear as part of Apps Built for your organization.

Your app should like this.


Update the existing Human Resource app

Step 1: Go to Power Platform Admin center, select your environment, Dynamics 365 apps.

Step 2: Click on Update available and click on “Update” to update an app.


The following link offers more comprehensive documents.

Explore the Dynamics 365 Human Resources (preview) app.

Stay updated on Human Resources developments by following the Yammer group for additional information.

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