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Learn Power Platform in 30 days

Learn power platform in 30 days
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If you are planning to learn Power Platform and not getting resources, then it is your chance to learn Power Platform in just 30 days. On the internet/YouTube, you can find many resources, but Microsoft Cloud Advocates created a series which can be very helpful for the beginner or those who want to start their career in Power Platform

Here’s what the curriculum for the next 30days learning Power Platform would look like for you.

DaysLearning TopicsLink to Resources
Day 1 Onboarding Resources for 
Day 2Introduction to Microsoft’s Power Platform​
Question and Answer:
Day 3Introduction to Dataverse and SharePoint​
Question and Answer:
Day 4Introduction to Power Virtual Agents​
Day 5Building a Simple Virtual Agent Solution​
Day 6Introduction to Power Automate​Microsoft Learn Resource:
Day 7 Heard of the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador program?Take some time to learn about the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador You can apply for the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador program 
Day 8Time to Document Your LearningToday we would love you to write about all you have been learning and share with us using the hashtags #LearningPowerPlatform and #30DaysOfLearning 
Day 9Building an Automated Solution – Part 1​
Day 10Building an Automated Solution – Part 2​
Day 11Introduction to Power Apps​
Day 12Building a Canvas Application with Power Apps​
Day 13Building a Model-Driven Application with Power Apps​​
Day 14Building Accessible Applications with Microsoft’s Power
Day 15Building Applications Made Easier with Express Design in Power
Day 16Building with Power Pages – Part 1​
Day 17Building with Power Pages – Part 2​
Day 18Connecting the Dots – Bringing Power Virtual Agents Home​
Day 19Connecting the Dots – Bringing Power Automate Home​
Day 20Connecting the Dots – Bringing Power Apps Home​
Bonus ResourceSample Solutions Built with Power Platform
Day 21Get Inspired by Projects Built with Power
Day 22Connecting the Dots – Our Power Platform Solution​
Day 23Showcasing Our Power Platform Solution on GitHub​
Day 24​Capstone Project(Ideation, Setup and Building)Utilizing all knowledge gathered throughout the entire training period, you are expected to work on a project that solve a problem affecting the world.
Day 25
Day 26
Day 27
Day 28 Capstone ProjectLearn why it is important to work on a project 
Day 29Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile​
Day 29A Special Microsoft Learn Module for You on How to Get
Day 30Capstone Project PresentationShare your projects with us using the hashtags #ConnecttheDots and #30DaysOfLearningProjects


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