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Increase column width in PowerApps portal

Increase column width in PowerApps portal
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When you are working with PowerApps portal list which has column with long name for example vendor requested delivery date then your column split in 2 or three rows, and it doesn’t look good. You can’t resize directly in the portal.

How to increase column width in PowerApps portal

First, go to Web Files and create a new web file.

1. Enter the name of the web file. Give the same name as per your page.

2. Select your website name from the dropdown

3. Select your parent page where you want to apply this fix

4. Create a file name which you can use in next step

5. Select published from the dropdown

Go to Notes tab and click on + to create new note

Enter the title of note and copy below code in notepad and save as css as per point 5 name.

For example, Save the file with name columnwidth.css

Once the note is attached, you must see like below.

Go back to your page and refresh.

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