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HTTP Get from Web app to Power platform

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In this article, We will see how to get data from Web apps using Power platform.

Before we begin, We need to understand the different methods available in HTTP.

GET(X)Read single record
PUTUpdate(Full record)
PATCHUpdate(Partial record)

I have created a Test Web app with Skill types form.

This form has SkillType has unique ID and Description.

Read operation:

1 : Create a Power App

Step 1 : High level overview

This is the high level overview of Power automate.

Step 2 : Select Power Apps as a initial steps

Step 3: Create HTTP Get request

Here you have to provide the Odata URL and API key

Step 4 : Parse the Json

Here we can get sample from odata url and click on generate from sample.

Step 5 : Initialize variables

Step 6 : Compose Array

This step is to get list of values

Step 7 : Apply to each – Compose

Step 8 : Respond to Power App

2. Create a Power App

Now, We will create a small power app.

Step 1 : We have to create two labels, two input text and some icons or button for CRUD.

Step 2 : Go to Action > Power Automate > Select your Power Automate

Step 3 : Select  refresh icon and set the property to below.

Here gvodata is variable name

GetodatafromWebapp – This is your flow name.

Step 4 : Provide values to your input text box as below

Step 5 : Test Power App

Lets create a new record in Web app.

Run the power App and click on refresh icon.

If you want to see list of record then create a gallery and use split function to get multiple record.

In this article, We have seen how to use HTTP Get method to read data from Web apps and display in Power Apps.

In Next article, We will see how to use Post method to create/insert data in Web app through Power Platform.

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