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Grid capabilities in Dynamics 365 F&O

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Microsoft recently announced in new feature of Grid Capabilities in Platform updates for version 10.0.16 of Finance and Operations apps (February 2021)

This feature will help users will be able to expand or collapse groups as desired, which can help create a summarized view of data. Subtotals will also be shown at the group header level.

The new grid control provides several useful and powerful capabilities that you can use to enhance user productivity, construct more interesting views of your data, and get meaningful insights into your data. This article will cover the following capabilities:

  • Calculating totals
  • Typing ahead of the system
  • Evaluating math expressions
  • Grouping tabular data (enabled separately using the (Preview) Grouping in grids feature)
  • Pinned system columns

1.    Enable Feature

  1. New Grid control

Go to System Admin > Feature Management > Search for New Grid control.

Note : If new feature is not available then click on Check for updates on top right corner.

  1. Enable the feature and reload the form.

2. Grouping in grids

Enable the feature and reload the form.

Calculating totals

Users have the ability to see totals at the bottom of numeric columns in grids. A footer section at the bottom of the grid shows these totals.

First select a column where you need total

Depending on data, it will take some time to calculate totals

Once this is done, the total will be visible at the bottom.

Grouping tabular data

This is one of the good features for users to group the data based on certain columns and to get count.

Select the column where you need grouping. I have selected the grouping based on Department

Now it is showing count of positions under department and We can easily expands positions

Remove the grouping

If you want to remove the grouping then go to last column and click on three dots and select Ungroup all.

Hide/Show footer

Go to last column and select Hide/Show footer option for total.

Evaluating math expressions

Users can enter mathematical formulas in numeric cells in a grid. They don’t have to do the calculation in an app outside the system. For example, if you enter =0.9*4 and then press the Tab key to move out of the field, the system will evaluate the expression and save a value of 60 for the field.

To make the system recognize a value as an expression, start the value with an equal sign (=). For more information about the supported operators and syntax, see Supported math symbols.

Pinned system columns

The row selection column and row status column in the new grid are pinned, or frozen, on the leftmost part of the grid. Therefore, when these columns are included in a grid, they will always be visible to the user, regardless of the horizontal scroll position in the grid.

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This is how you can use grid capabilities with Dynamics 365 Finance & Operation. If you like this article, feel free to share it work others who might find it helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with me.

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