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Now, PowerAutomate will be available at

Over the next several weeks (June-July 2022), Microsoft will be in the process of moving Power Automate portal to a new common Power Platform infrastructure which will include new domains for the Power Automate portal. Once MS enable this, the existing Power Automate URLs will start redirecting to the new URLs.

What actions do I need to take?

Overall, the new Power Automate Portal experience should look and feel mostly the same as the existing Power Automate portal.

However, you need to make sure that the new URLs are not blocked by your network so that they will work when the redirect occurs.

Here is the list of the new URLs that you need to make sure they are not blocked by your network:
Existing Power Automate URLs

New Power Automate URLs (After redirection is enabled)


Reference URL

IP address configuration – Power Automate | Microsoft Docs

Power Automate US Government – Power Automate | Microsoft Docs

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