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Expose custom field on the Virtual entity in Dynamics 365 HR

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In this article, We will see how to expose custom field on Virtual entity. There are some scenarios where you would require to add new custom fields to track additional details in Dynamics 365 HR.


Virtual entity needs to be configured in Dynamics 365 HR.

User should have an access to Dataverse

Configure virtual entity

There is already standard documentation available from Microsoft to configure virtual entity.

Configure Dataverse virtual tables – Human Resources | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Docs

Creating custom fields

In this case, I will create a new custom field on Goal form. This entity is not available in Dataverse and with the help of Virtual entity, I will push this entity from Dynamics 365 HR to Dataverse.

Step 1 : Go to Goals form > Details

Click on Options > Personalize this page >  + Add a field

Next step is to add new field called : Weightage

Click on Save. Select the newly created field and Click on Update.

It shows the field on details form.

Click on View and Save as with new name “My view”

Step 2 : Custom field setup

Go to System Administration > Links > Setup > Custom fields

Select the tables from the list, Enable the entities and Apply Changes.

It will display a message at the top.

Step 3 : Generate Goals entity

Go to System Administration > Links > Integrations > Dataverse configuration

Select the entity from the list and click on Generate/refresh button.

Wait for processing.

Once this is done then you can see notification at the top.

Step 4 : Validate custom field in Dataverse table

Go to > Select your environment > Data > Tables

New custom field is added in the entity.

Step 5 : Create some data and validate in Power Platform.

Add some data in custom field in D365 HR.

The data looks something like this in D365 HR.

I have created a small power app to test data.

In this way, We can create a custom field on virtual entity use in Power Platform.

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  3. when I create such custom field, it is greyed – no data input possible. Why? is the number of custom fields limited somehow?

    1. Hi Marek,

      Yes, custom fields are limited to forms. If your form tab is not in editable mode then your custom field cannot be editable.

      One note: when you create custom field then make it available through custom field setup and apply changes. This is the workaround.

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