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Connect to other environments using the Microsoft Dataverse connector

Microsoft Dataverse connector
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In the past, the Microsoft Dataverse connector exclusively supported the current environment in a flow. To access Dataverse in different environments from cloud flows, you had to use either the deprecated Dynamic 365 or the legacy Microsoft Dataverse connectors. However, with the introduction of the Environment parameter, the Microsoft Dataverse connector’s triggers and actions now offer the same level of flexibility. You can connect to either the flow’s current environment or select another one.

During the preview of this feature, new and existing flows can incorporate distinct actions and triggers with names ending in “selected environment (preview).” Following the preview phase, the Dataverse connector actions in existing flows will automatically include the Environment parameter. There is no action required from flow owners, and existing flow functionality remains unchanged as a result of this update.

The following diagram shows a Power Automate cloud flow being triggered when a row changes in the Contoso Support environment. It takes actions in other Contoso Services and Contoso Field Service environments to list rows, add a row, and perform an action in the example Contoso Corporation’s Microsoft Entra tenant.


New vs Old Dataverse connector

The old Dataverse connector lacks the ability to choose a specific environment and is preset to the current environment as the default setting.

Old dataverse connector

The new Dataverse connector now provides you with the choice to pick an environment for connecting with Dataverse.

New dataverse connector


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