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Developers in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (F&O) often ask how to learn X++ from the basics to advanced levels. In this article, I will share some resources, certifications, blogs and YouTube link which can be useful for the developers. Learning catalog for Dynamics 365 Finance developers from Microsoft Learning catalog for Dynamics 365 […]

Top 5 X++ new features

In today’s article, we will see new features added in x++. New operators are added in X++ Access data by using the SysDa classes New options in VS > Project > Right-click Changes To Internal Access modifier in X++ SysSetupConfigAttribute attribute New operators are added in X++ There are new two operators( *= and /=) […]


Chain of Command is the term that describes how we customize, or extend, base Microsoft code in Microsoft Dynamics 365. You can now wrap logic around methods that are defined in the base class that you’re augmenting. You can extend the logic of public and protected methods without having to use event handlers. Microsoft’s base […]