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Get employee’s manager from the dataverse

Get employee’s manager from the dataverse

In this article, We will see how to get employee’s manager from the Dataverse. We have a manager field in the worker entity however it is always blank. Follow below steps to get the manager record from the dataverse. Entities required Relationships Parent table Child table Cardinality Cdm_worker cdm_positionworkerassignmentmaps   1 : N Cdm_worker Cdm_jobposition […]

Create a Power BI report using Dataverse connector

Microsoft announce that Dataverse connector is available for Power BI and tabular data stream(TDS) endpoint. Power BI users have more options when connecting to Dataverse environments, including Dataverse for Teams. The endpoint enables better relationship discovery in the Power BI dataset model. The new connector supports Direct Query providing real-time data and support for the […]

Export Position Hierarchy from Dynamics to Visio & Power BI

A position hierarchy is a visual representation of how positions relate to each other within your organization In this article, We will see how to export Position hierarchy. This is application for below product. Dynamics AX 2012 Dynamics 365 F&O Dynamics 365 HR We can export Position hierarchy with three different approach Microsoft Visio Power […]