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Bulk data upload in Dynamics 365 HR

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There are many cases where organization needs to insert and update bulk data to test the HR process. Microsoft demo data is limited to measure the performance/integration. We can use this technique for Data Migration from External system to Dynamics 365 HR.

Use case  – You have a customer and they have around 20K users who are using Dynamics 365 HR and other external application. You need 15-20K data in your test environment to validate all HR process, reporting and odata integration. Before we test all this process in customer environment we need to check in our test environment. We can use this process for Data Migration process too.

Note : We assumed customer is not providing their confidential data.

In this case, there are many website to generate the data.

Step 1: Download the data.

First download the data from below link

Select the column based on your requirement.

Step 2 : We need to understand the sequence of data entities before inserting data.

Some of the entities can be skipped for examples Departments, Jobs, Position type. If you want to use existing data for these entities then just skip it and use other entities to insert/update data.

Step 3: Export all above entities from Data management and download the package or excel sheet.

Step 4: Adjust the data in above format and Import the data.

If you are importing data in bulk then do it in Batch.

If you are importing data without batch job then it might happen the import process run for more time.

Note : When importing data then Microsoft Dataverse should be disable.

Step 5: Once we have all required data then just export all above entities from D365 HR and adjust the data based on columns.

Step 6: Once the import is successful then verify data in forms

In my case, I have created 20K data. See below

This is how you can bulk upload data in Dynamics 365 Human Resources. If you like the article, feel free to share it work others who might find it helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with me.

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